Recovery Services at Jane's Way Sober Living

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Our residences are designed to assist our residents through the process of addiction to sustained recovery. We believe the process of restoring an individual’s ability to function with a high level of independence within the community is essential for their success.

Our services are designed to encourage individuals to participate actively with others to attain physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of the individuals attending treatment and assist them in assuming responsibility for their lives so that they may function actively and independently in society after their stay with us.

Emphasis is placed on empowerment, recovery, and individual choice. Recovery is not just maintaining abstinence. It involves learning to live and enjoy life as a sober and productive community member.

Recovery involves balancing self-care, working productively, developing personal relationships, strengthening family ties, and practicing positive drug-free activities.

Recovery and Transitional Services

Jane’s Way recognizes that recovery from addiction requires a strong foundation and support system. Therefore, we assist our clients in developing the life skills needed to maintain an independent and productive sober lifestyle. 

Our clients are encouraged and provided the opportunity to attend 12 Step Meetings and faith-based/recovery-centered groups, obtain and maintain steady full-time employment, and participate in all household responsibilities. 

We believe structure is vital to long-term success in recovery and strive to aid our clients by instilling responsibility and accountability in early recovery. 

We show our clients how to create balance in their own lives, so they can easily transition to truly independent living based on a strong sense of self-discipline and personal accountability.

What We Offer

Why Janes Way Sober Living?

Jane’s Way Sober Living provides more than just a place to call home. Our residents benefit from a community organized around a common purpose of growth and recovery. In addition, residents benefit from transportation to and from 12-step or other recovery meetings and in-house meetings that feature individuals with experience in recovery from addiction. 

Residents also have the opportunity to participate in recreational sober group activities organized by Jane’s Way staff and the surrounding sober networks. These outings offer our community members to bond and get to know one another in a context outside of traditional recovery. In addition, they demonstrate the importance of finding new outlets and having fun sober. 

We don’t just want our residents to grow in their recovery; and we want them to thrive in all aspects of life. To that effort, Jane’s Way provides services that empower residents to set goals and learn new life skills. We also help residents find employment, hold workshops on how to write or improve a resume, and assist residents interested in furthering their education. 

Finally, Jane’s Way offers experienced management staff to ensure that the properties are well-maintained and preserve community safety. Residents are following the rules and remaining abstinent from drugs and alcohol. 

Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Recovery?

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