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Gender separated recovery residences offer clients a more comfortable and secure environment for early sobriety. In addition to being free from distraction, these homes allow women to bond and be more open to one another. This format makes women’s sober living at Jane’s Way a great place to develop a more profound recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. 

Jane's Way Philosophy

The philosophy for the women’s sober living program at Jane’s Way is based on developing independence and life skills while fostering recovery. The goal for every client is not just to maintain abstinence from drugs and alcohol but to develop mentally and emotionally. Our focus is to provide our female residents with the support they need to realize their potential personally and professionally fully. 

Recovery Services

  • Weekly In-House Meetings: Every week, a meeting is held on the property for residents to attend that focuses on some element of recovery from substance abuse. Some panels feature outside speakers, while others are discussion meetings.
  • Weekly Group Activities: Each week, residents participate in an enjoyable group activity that bonds the community and brings some fun to sobriety.
  • Supportive On-Site Staff: The support staff onsite act as resident mentors and provide additional support and experience in recovery. 
  • Transportation to 12 Step Meetings: Residents always have a ride to get to Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or whatever other 12 step program they choose to attend.
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Rules & Structure

Sobriety is the essential requirement for residents at the women’s sober living program. Facility staff and supervisors regularly administer urine drug screenings (UA) to ensure abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Residents are also expected to participate in recovery during their stay. Many choose a 12-step fellowship, others prefer to get involved in faith-based organizations, and some continue to receive counseling and outpatient therapy. 

According to a phase system designed to foster a successful transition into complete and healthy independence, Freedoms and privileges are awarded. As residents grow in their recovery, they progress toward more freedom and less oversight. 

Jane’s Way is a community built on peer support and leadership. The more established residents in their sobriety may take on leadership roles within the community and use their experience to help women who are newer to recovery. 

Part of independence is having a stable job and income. As such, residents are expected to have a job. However, for those who may struggle to find work, Jane’s Way offers vocational assistance services designed to get residents back into the workforce to continue their transition into healthy, contributing members of society. 

Who Benefits from Sober Living?

Individuals who have just completed an addiction treatment program face the challenge of living a clean life. Is it advisable for you to return to your hometown? Is your previous residence a secure and clean environment? No matter how driven a person is, a lack of a safe, secure environment might jeopardize their recovery. Sober living homes and halfway houses are available to those who have completed drug and alcohol rehab and want to live in a supportive environment. These apartments help people maintain their sobriety by assisting them in refraining from using drugs and alcohol.

Sober living homes and halfway houses are fantastic solutions for folks seeking a substance-free environment. Both sober living homes and halfway houses can help those who have just completed inpatient treatment, attended an outpatient program, or completed their sentence and need support to stay clean. According to research, both women’s halfway houses and women’s sober living homes help residents avoid relapse triggers, provide peer support, and hold them accountable for their choices and actions so they may live their best lives sober.

Women's Sober Living Near Me

Jane’s Way sober living has a number of locations scattered across the country. Check out the list of areas we serve below to find a therapeutic community that works for you.

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