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When moving out of treatment, residents who have completed inpatient treatment at a luxury residential rehab center typically want access to similar facilities. The purpose of luxury sober living houses is to provide a safe environment for persons in recovery. While offering comfort and security, luxury sober living allows residents to be accountable and share responsibilities. Janes Way believes in maintaining a comfortable atmosphere within the recovery community.

We think of our residences as a safe place for those recovering from drugs and alcohol to continue their journey towards achieving long-term sobriety.

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Benefits of a Luxury Sober Living Home

There are many benefits of luxury sober living homes for recovering addicts. The first is that they are designed with the patient’s comfort in mind. These facilities offer comfortable furniture, high-definition televisions, and top-of-the-line home accents. Typically, the residences are located in beautiful surroundings and have private or shared rooms. Additionally, they have many amenities, such as swimming pools, walking trails, and other services that help clients feel comfortable and relaxed.

Residents of luxury halfway houses also have easy access to aftercare services. Because of the proximity of these facilities to the local aftercare community, residents have easier access to counseling sessions and other methods to maintain abstinence. Some sober living homes even have meeting space on-site or arrange transportation to such events. While this may seem like an extra expense, many residents find it worthwhile. If you are looking for a sober life, consider an upscale sober living home. It will help you keep a clean and sober life.

In addition to their luxurious amenities, high-end sober living homes also help residents stay on track with their recovery. Many of these residences have computer labs, yoga studios, and beautiful views. Some of them also have specialized programs for first responders, LGTBQ individuals, and other communities with unique challenges in recovery.

As physical recovery can be an essential element of sobriety, many luxury sober living communities provide access to fitness amenities like gyms, yoga classes, etc. In addition, some of these high-end halfway houses even offer nutritious meals prepared by chefs on-site or brought in from local restaurants. Those that do not provide food offer fully loaded kitchens where residents can prepare healthy meals for themselves while rebuilding their sense of responsibility and developing life skills. 

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How Does Sober Living Contribute to Sobriety?

Environmental variables significantly impact a person’s ability to recover from addiction. While some people choose to return home following rehab, others may not have the home environments conducive to recovery. After treatment, sober living and transitional housing can assist persons in recovery in maintaining their support, structure, and purpose. In addition, those who live in luxury halfway houses have more access to community and peer-based recovery support. Luxury sober living is a good choice for people who need a healthy and encouraging home atmosphere.

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