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Important Information and Resident Resources

  • OUR HOUSES – Our residential living properties, appointed with all the comforts and amenities of home, and are located in safe residential communities. There are separate apartment style residences as well as single/multi family homes for men and women. Each residence is designed to feel and function as much like a normal home environment as possible, to support our residents as they learn to “feel at home” in their new sober lifestyle.
  • RECOVERY MEETINGS – We want to make sure that every resident has access to all the tools needed to obtain long term sustained sobriety and Recovery Meetings are a huge part of the continued recovery process. We provide access to meetings daily to ensure that our residents are able to take an active role in the fellowship, develop relationships within the greater recovery community, and are able to increase their independence in recovery.
  • PEER SUPPORT – We believe in helping to build a strong support network amongst our residents to nurture long term success in recovery. We find that those who form strong bonds and relationships with their peer group find the most fulfillment in maintaining a sober life. Our residents host in house meetings to ensure open communication within the community, experience recovery related events and gatherings onsite, and function like a family unit in respect to household duties and responsibilities.
  • STRUCTURED LIVING – We strive to help our residents learn the life skills needed to maintain a productive and healthy drug-free lifestyle. Residents must preserve curfews based on their working hours and their progress in our Phase system. The properties are monitored by trained staff to ensure a safe and drug-free haven. Residents are responsible for all household chores and are held accountable by their peers and staff. Our focus is on teaching our residents how to be productive managers of their own lives within the home environment. 
  • RESIDENCY CRITERIA – Our focus is on ensuring a supportive and safe community for our residents. The following criteria must be met to qualify for residency application:
  •  You must be a legal adult (18 or older)
  • Have a desire to remain sober and abstinent
  • Have a minimum of 2 weeks sober (documented) or have completed a residential treatment program or partial hospitalization program upon admission
  • Be able to pay rent or provide proof of financial hardship for a scholarship.
  • Be working on a degree, trade certificate, employed, seeking employment, or having the financial support conducive to the recovery process.
  • PEER LEADERSHIP – We believe a system of self-governance and peer leadership is vital to a building a strong residential community that can provide a supportive peer environment. Our residents are given the opportunity to take part in our Resident Council, where they are empowered to help cultivate a strong recovery community and be the voice of their peer group. Members of the Resident Council are responsible for hosting weekly in house meetings, gathering suggestions from their peer group to present to Housing staff monthly, and ensuring that all household duties are completed weekly before staff inspections.

General Pass Form Electronic Request

Please fill out form 72 hours in
advance of pass and wait for approval.

Overnight Pass Form Electronic Request

** Form for current residents at Jane’s Way Sober Living to request an overnight stay off property

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